Has been playing (°) or GMing (') one-shots of: Lady Blackbird°'; Lacuna°; Retrospect°; Annalise°; Great Ork Gods°; Wraith°; nWoD°°°°°°°; Werewolves°°; GURPS°; Don't Rest Your Head°; Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy°; Solar System°°; Anima Prime°'; Dogs in the Vineyard°'; kp4s°; the Burning Wheel°°; Trollbabe°''''; Agon°; Montsegur 1244°°; Drifter's Escape°; Bliss Stage'; Dungeon World°°; Chronicles of Skin°; Legend''; Fiasco°°°°; A Penny for My Thoughts°; Monsterhearts°°; Psi*Run°; FAE°°; Primetime Adventures°; Kagematsu°; Cthulhu Dark°°; Mad Cthulhu°; Golden Sky Stories°; Invisible Empire°; Swords Without Master°; Magical Burst°; Shiva, la mente berserk (based on Shiva in Steel)°; Blood Red Sands°; Fourthcore'''; Dies Irae°; Bacchanalia°; Vampire: the Masquerade Hackbird°; Grim World°; Trail of Cthulhu°°°°; The Trial Of Poland°; Fellowship°; Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands°; Last Train Out Of Warsaw'; Sorcerer°; Eclipse Phase°; The Cherenkov Effect'; Symbaroum°''; Sine Requie°; Into the Dungeons with Rafu°; Old School Hack°; Dust Devils°; Shell Shock°; Undying°; A Taste for Murder°; Blades in the Dark°°; Cabal°; City of Mist°; Bedlam Hall°; Paranoia°; Apocalypse World°; Lovecraftesque.